The Ultimate Fake Id Guide 2012 Version 9 36

by marldenz
Published: November 24, 2022 (7 days ago)

The Ultimate Fake Id Guide 2012 Version 9 36

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The Ultimate Fake Id Guide 2012 Version 9 36

nintendo ds games often come packaged in larger plastic shells called rumble pak. these are usually created out of clear plastic and have a rubberized surface. while this is not an infallible means to determine a cart’s legitimacy, genuine copies of nintendo ds games never come packaged in rumble pak. you can tell a fake one from the very first, very subtle click when you insert your cartridge into your system. the fake one won’t make a sound at all.

when it comes to nintendo ds games, region-free carts are not only the best way to ensure that you are playing the game you want, but also the cheapest. however, fake carts are often released under the banner of “region free” but are in fact region-locked. you can tell if a cart is region-locked by looking at the back of the cartridge. for the fake cart pictured, the region code is usa a. while this is less than ideal, a lot of counterfeiters have copied the region code, making it the easiest method to determine a cart’s legitimacy.

many fake copies of nintendo ds games are made to appear like they were released in europe. this means that they are packaged in a different style casing and even have a different picture of the characters on the cartridge. this can easily be detected by looking at the back of the cartridge, which should feature either a picture of the game with a european flag or a picture of the characters without any borders.

nintendo ds games are often released in pal and ntsc versions, but the european version of a game is almost always different. look at the cartridge that you have and see if the pal version is identical to the european version. if it is, you can safely assume that it’s fake.

if you find a game for less than $10, it’s time to worry. such lower-priced games will commonly fake any of the legitimate nintendo logo, including the registered trademark symbol. if the game does have a legitimate copyright symbol, it is a safe bet that it is fake. a legitimate game will have the nintendo logo, registered trademark symbol and the copyright symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the logo.
anywhere from $1 to $5 should be safe, but don’t expect to find higher-priced games in the $10-$20 range. the ultimate fake id guide 2012 version 9 36 will explain how to spot and avoid bad games, though.
the nintendo ds lite is the second version of the nintendo ds to be released. this version of the handheld is often counterfeited. the ultimate fake id guide 2012 version 9 36 will explain how to spot and avoid bad games, though.
this makes the fake id that much more valuable, especially if youre planning on selling it. the original cartridge is very common and not very expensive. there is a possibility that if the cartridge youre looking at has been resold multiple times, then it may have been opened up. opening up the cartridge gives thieves an easier time of stealing the code from the cartridge, and if the cartridge has been opened, it will contain the original code. in this situation, the only real way to know that the cartridge is authentic is to buy it new and hope that the seller will provide additional photos if the item has been opened.
the console is protected by tamper-proof seals, which are supposed to be broken when the console is first opened to provide proof that it hasnt been tampered with since its initial purchase. its not uncommon for these seals to come off and resells will use the seals as evidence of authenticity. the console will also be wrapped in plastic to protect the console, the cartridge, and the memory card. with the plastic, there should be no cracks, dents, scratches, and other signs of damage. if youre seeing scratches, dents, or cracks on the plastic, the item may be a fake.

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