Spline Cleaner V1.73 And Spline Refiner V1.0 3ds Max

by betlan
Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Spline Cleaner V1.73 And Spline Refiner V1.0 3ds Max


Spline Cleaner V1.73 And Spline Refiner V1.0 3ds Max

When you apply this technique, you will get smooth looking splines, but they are still continuous and not geometric at the key points. In order to create a geometric spline curve that looks similar to what is produced by 2D splines, you can use this video to show how you can work by hand to add geometric control points to the spline.

When you use this tool, its primary goal is to create a spline that can be used anywhere else in a design to create a perfectly smooth curvature. You may find that some splines are a little rough after the tool is run, which is what you want. If you find a spline with rough parts, you can then use the Add keypoints option to name the rough control points that require refinement, collapse the control points into a single point, and then reapply the Spline Cleaner tool to remove the extra roughness!

If you create a degree 3 spline with a large number of control points, you may notice some sharp turns/bumps in the curvature comb: these represent points on the curve that are notG3-continuous (note that degree 3 splines are still guaranteed to be G2-continuous throughout surfaces created from G2-continuous curves will still have visually smooth highlights, so these are smooth enough for most use cases!)

In order to fully define the shape of a control point spline, youll need to constrain all control points locations as well this is where control frame constraints are necessary. You can constrain control frame edges in the same way as any other straight lines in a sketch. For example, apply distance and angle dimensions to the control frame edges to control the spline shape in those areas. Keep adding these until the control frame is fully-constrained, at which point the spline curve shape will by definition also be fully-constrained.

the constrained spline tool is now integrated with the tangent constraint and curvature constraint tools. when you choose to apply a constrained spline constraint, the system will automatically pick the appropriate constraint tool for you.
when the spline is created, you can see that the control point spline is not defined from the selected control point to the selected point. to fix this, follow these steps: drag the selected point away from the control point in the direction that you want the spline to curve, and that will cause the spline to curve. drag the selected point close to the control point to cause the spline to pass through the control point, and this will cause the spline to be fully defined.
when creating a control point spline, it is wise to select the closest control point to the cursor, in order to get the best results. by using the selection tool, select the control point that you want to move the spline around, and then select its closest point in the spline you want to define. this will cause the spline to follow a straight path from the selected point to the spline anchor point, which means that thespline will follow the spline anchor point to its endpoint.
to improve the shape of control point splines, there are a number of things that you can do. one of the easiest is to constrain the control frame edges to ensure that the spline curve follows the desired shape. it is also possible to constrain the spline curve itself to ensure that it follows the desired shape in that area.the following example illustrates how you can constrain the control frame edges to constrain the spline curve to follow a desired shape:


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