Sex In Philippine Cinema Vol. 1 DVDRip.torrent ##HOT##

by loregar
Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Sex In Philippine Cinema Vol. 1 DVDRip.torrent ##HOT##


Sex In Philippine Cinema Vol. 1 DVDRip.torrent

in 1951, edgar g. ulmer sold the rights to his seminal film noir detective story to alfred hitchcock, who in turn adapted the script, and gave it the title strangers on a train. although it was seemingly intended to serve as a sequel to the original, the film dropped much of the original narrative, including the murder and attempted murder of the detective (played by raymond burr in his screen debut) and his real-life on-screen wife (barbara bel geddes, who happens to be burton and taylor’s real-life on-screen wife).

it was arguably the most truly revolutionary film of all time, and the title alone should tell you what youre getting into with quentin tarantino’s kill bill. with that said, this colossally entertaining, wildly entertaining, and often hilarious journey is some of the most thoroughly enjoyable entertainment, if not the best, ive ever experienced. despite the prologue of the original kill bill, which ends in an agonizingly slow-motion, gangland-style slaughter (note: yes), vol. 1 is an extremely well-paced action flick that follows the nomadic figure known as the “vengeance”, beatrix kiddo (uma thurman) as she vies for the ultimate fight against the insidiously evil master-of-all-sorts, bill (david carradine). its an immensely entertaining thrill ride that is one of the most purely fun film experiences ive had in years, but also one of the most innovative. from its unpredictable, stylish, tarantino-esque dialogue, to its insanely plot-twisting set pieces, to its incredible action choreography, i could list so much, but to do so would be a disservice to yourself. not only does vol. 1 feature some of the most devastating fight scenes youll ever see, but it makes it feel like its happening in the greatest animated cartoon. it’s incredibly well-crafted and executed, and its most thought-provoking movie since sophie’s choice. -patrick ryan

lets face it, we love to look back on the golden age of the action movie when heroes could be heroes and villains could be over the top, when chases and explosions were everywhere and plot didn’t matter as long as the action and the stunts kept us rapt. in his prime, sylvester stallons over the top ruled the action genre, from the get-go, with one of the most visually stunning and exhilarating opening sequences in history, and then proceeded to show us a little side of stallone we never knew existed, as he played the role of an everyman hero, a man who seems to think nothing of sacrificing himself for the greater good, and an actor who could deliver a line like no other. over the top is a film i can watch over and over, and not just because its a great action movie. over the top is a movie about a real-life event, the lockerbie bombing, and like bourne identity and the bourne supremacy, its the most thrilling of the three, as it shows us the terror of what might happen, and then lets us watch it unfold, and then lets us watch it end. its a movie you can watch over and over, and every time you do its a unique experience, because everytime you watch over the top, youre seeing it for the first time. its a landmark in action cinema, a film no other action movie since has equaled. jared brown
the first time i saw the blair witch project, its a film i remember with a kind of blurry nostalgia. it was a found footage horror film shot on nothing but the webcams of three college students who lost their way in the woods, and who then began to document their panicked attempts to find their way back. it was the first movie that i think truly perfected the technique of a found footage, and it was a great moment in horror movies, because its one of the few in cinema that truly made you feel the experience of being there in the woods, and experiencing the terror and the reality of the film. it was a great, and a terrifying film, and it has a lasting, disquieting impact on the audience, and it was a huge hit, and when the internet and the camcorder became standard equipment in everyone and their mothers, the film became a viral phenomenon, spawning a series of imitators, and putting its maker, eduardo sanchez, on the map as the next great thing in horror. he made the curse of la llorona, which is a film that i will watch a few years from now and say, “oh man, that was the next blair witch project.” it was the only film i saw at midnight the night it debuted, and its a film i still think of when i think of horror films, and it remains one of the most inventive and entertaining horror movies ever made. anthony dicicco

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