Securecrt 7.1 Serial Number License Key

by kaihtaly
Published: June 16, 2022 (2 months ago)

Securecrt 7.1 Serial Number License Key

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Securecrt 7.1 Serial Number License Key

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EJB3 @TransactionAttribute – EJBTransactionRequired on empty bean?

I’m new to EJB3.
So basically the problem is that I have to use a single EJB bean with some logic in it (so called @TransactionAttribute on EJB interface makes life difficult for me). This bean does some processing and then stores the results to database. This bean has a method on it’s @Stateless bean.
The problem is that I need a bean only to return a single value (simple String for example). So I’m using @TransactionAttribute.
But when I try to use @TransactionAttribute on that bean, EJB runs the code in that bean and check if @TransactionAttribute was set properly.
The problem is: in my bean I have some code that runs only when bean is created properly. If not, it won’t do much. So there is no way to just store some value to database and when done to proceed the EJB logic.
How to escape this situation?
Is it possible to run the given bean only after my logic is done and nothing is further done in that EJB?


I think you need to do two things:

Verify that your bean is in a started state when you try to use it.
Submit the appropriate transaction from your bean.

I don’t think you have to do this on a stateless bean.

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The UCM Holiday Party is a fabulously festive event for the entire family. The fun starts with the UCM Ring Ceremony, the UCM Holiday Court, and the UCM Hall Tour. The festivities continue in the evening with a Holiday Court Ball, Holiday Court […]

The UCM Holiday Party is a fabulously festive event for the entire family. The fun starts with the UCM Ring Ceremony, the UCM Holiday Court, and the UCM Hall Tour. The festivities continue in the evening with a Holiday Court Ball, Holiday Court […]

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