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The multifaceted role of the Photoshop editor

Photoshop includes an image editor, a _painting_ tool, an effect tool, and a _retouching_ tool, although many people consider these activities as separate features. For the purpose of this book, I will be referring to these individual tools as painting, painting, retouching, and drawing, respectively.

* * *

# Note

To access the various tools in the Editor workspace, click the **Windows** icon, located at the top of the Editor workspace. Then, use the keyboard shortcut W to open the **Windows** workspace; press the N key on the keyboard to open the **New** workspace; and press the E key to open the **Equations** workspace. The last tool in the Editor workspace is the Retouching workspace, which is accessed by pressing the T key on the keyboard.

* * *

* ****Painting tool:** The _painting tool_ enables the user to paint over the image, and it is accessible from the **Windows** toolbar at the top of the editor’s workspace. You can adjust the brush size and color, and adjust the focus of the brush. The brush is then rendered so that you can paint on the image with it; you can see the current view through the brush as a dotted line.

* **Painting tool:** The brush tool lets you paint on images. You can adjust the

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In this post we’ll learn how to use Photoshop Elements to edit and create images. This guide will teach you how to select image elements, resize, crop, add Photoshop’s many special effects, add text and then export your images for use online.

To follow along, you’ll need a high-quality photo of your choice. If you’re new to Photoshop Elements, have a look at the free tutorials at Adobe’s website:

How to select and edit an image in Photoshop Elements

Most edits done in Photoshop Elements are similar to the ones made in Photoshop. First, open the image you wish to edit in the Photoshop Elements Editor. Next, select the images you want to edit by using the following methods:

Hit F6 and use the Select Top left option to select the top left portion of the image.

Or, click the Selection tab in the main editor window and select the image you want to edit.

Alternatively, use the powerful selection tool. Click the tool in the tools panel to select the objects you want to edit. It’s available in this picture:

Your first basic change you can make is to resize the image. To do so, click the Resize menu and choose the size you want to resize to. The exact size you’ll need depends on your intended use of the image and is something you’ll need to decide yourself. For example, for the image in the preview window you could choose a size that fits well into your social media timelines.

Using the Resize tool, you can also change the orientation of the image by clicking the Resize menu and choosing Rotate.

Adding an image over top of another is super simple. Just select the layer you want the image to be over, move it onto the layer you want to use for the image, and then drag the layer you want to use for the image onto the layer you want it over.

This is the image after adding it over top of the layer you want to use:

This is an example where you can add text to the image in Photoshop Elements. At this stage, we’ll only be adding text to the ‘diploma’ layer, but for the rest of this tutorial, we’ll be replacing the texts in the ‘diploma’ layer with a stylised text effect.

To add text, click the tool in the Tools panel to select the text tool. You’ll see the following picture in the menu bar, which you can also click

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Use Google Play Services to set a location limit

I have a simple app that has a map view and a map marker. I have set a location listener on the map marker to receive location updates from Google Play Services.
I am looking for a way to set a location limit such that if the user travels outside the configured location, the app should keep a track of the location and never fire up a new location update listener.
I can easily get the location by using the onLocationChanged callback from GooglePlayServices_Location, but there does not appear to be a way to set a location limit. GoogleMaps have a PlacemarkBuilder, but since I’m using a custom marker which I cannot subclass, this is not an option. I have tried to subclass my custom marker, and set an onChangeListener to remove the map and reload it, but this does not work since the markers do not have a position until my custom marker has been created.
I am wondering if I should not be using Play Services for my location updates, but am looking to keep my app as lightweight as possible and do not want to re-architect my app to use alternative location services.


I have managed to find a solution to this problem and thought I would post the information for anyone that may come across this in the future. I have filed a bug with Google in their Android bug tracker.
While there does not appear to be a way to set a location limit for when a location update fires, I was able to find a way to prevent a new location listener from firing.
It is a little dirty solution, but it worked quite well for me. The idea is to intercept the location update that is fired from GooglePlayServices and set the listener to return false, and then schedule a handler that listens for location updates. If the user is beyond the location limit, then my handler will cancel the background location update request to prevent the possible fire of a new location listener.
The code is as follows:
private class GooglePlayServicesLocationListener extends LocationListener {
private Location lastLocation = null;

public GooglePlayServicesLocationListener(Context context) {
mContext = context;

public void onLocationChanged(Location location) {
lastLocation = location;
listener.onLocationChanged(location, location);

What’s New in the Photoshop CC?

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC:

Original Soundtrack
– PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PlayStation 4, Windows PC (Requires Steam client), Nintendo 3DS
– A broadband Internet connection and the ability to download files.
Game Discs
– PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS
Content available through the PlayStation Network service
System Reqirements:
– PS Vita, PlayStation TV,

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