Half Life Announcer Text To Speech

by radmaf
Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Half Life Announcer Text To Speech


Half Life Announcer Text To Speech

this mod takes the idea of using voice-over to deliver the dialogue and apply the same technique to half-life 2. in this mod you don’t actually have a narrator, you have players themselves. half-life 2: episode one, episode two, episode three, and episode four are all cleaned up, polished and accessible.

the final design concept for the device is shown in /asynch/ as shown above. it’s quite elegant, but its key elements are all missing. one obvious problem is that the ayla breen would be wearing the exo-skeleton and have yellow eyes that are supposed to be screens. another is that the screens attached to the back are not screens made of glass as shown in videos from before, but glass-less paper sheets. this is also the only model of the device that had a batch of paper used for the screens, produced at the same time as the voice actress for the c17 narration. one last problem is that the ayla breen is meant to be seen by the people as a creature, this design is too awkward to be accessible. the final product is huge, its shape resembles a human head, it’s heavy, and it’s depicted on the same medium used for its voice. it’s a bit like the ridley scott’s alien creature – you need to see it to appreciate what it is. it’s big, but it’s not a very recognisable figure, which is not what we expected from a device meant to speak to everyone.

at the beginning of the operation, you hear the c17pa voice recording: the true citizen.., followed by a worker voice recording: good morning, citizen. how may i be of service? wait. woah. did he really say “woah”?.

is it just me or did he misspell the word “electoral”? it should be “electoral”, with the ae. and “reform”? “ree-form”? “re-form”? i didn’t catch that one. and since “ree-form” is a made up word, just “form”? *proceeds to speak in slow motion*

i hope you enjoyed this post, please hit the follow button and check out my other half-life content: https://supergrip.blog/news/2018/03/18/bit.ly/half-life-announcer-analysis and https://supergrip.blog/news/2018/03/13/bit.ly/new-hundreds-of-new-comment-sections-post-tf2
if you are looking for help with tts in a different project, please see if any of these sites are relevant: voice over source code – half-lifes voice over mod http://sourceforge.net/projects/sourcevo/ – voice over source code – half-life mod http://crunchy.sk – voice over sample – tftcsa clanger
if you are interested in tts for half-life, you can always look at half-life sketches and the illuminating rich text overlays , which were included in early hl2 shareware modding tools and can be found in source code repositories.
the c++ code to tts is called echo speech, so the primary website for it is http://www.echo-en.com/tts/ . if you have any questions, its best to post on the tts forum at http://forum.halflife.sk/viewforum.php?f=55 .
audio and video capture of the half-life engine source code is at http://halflife.sk/education/sourcecode/ . feel free to contact sebastian smith for access to this. from there, any questions regarding recording your own voice can be directed to seb_smith.
there is also the existence of sourcecode which is a lager website that basically has voice-over files from the source code of many games. to access this, email david riddle at david@splitbrain.co.uk .


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