FULL Tinkercad 2008 Free Download |VERIFIED|

by jazurs
Published: November 23, 2022 (1 week ago)

FULL Tinkercad 2008 Free Download |VERIFIED|



FULL Tinkercad 2008 Free Download

it is likely that the following analogy comes to mind: given are two different cubes. the right one (i) consists of a corner, and the left one (ii) consists of an edge, in turn consisting of three vertices, giving us a cube that has the same volume as the 2d rectangle. instead, it’s a cube that has the same volume as the 3d volume of a cylinder. in a sense, tinkercad’s simulated act of slicing a 2d rectangle into equal parts, which took place when the students designed their “bricks” (cf. such bricks in fig. 5, top left), might also have triggered the students’ inspiration, similar to how the engineer determines the formula for computing the volume of a cylinder. in a more general sense, the two processes could be compared to the actions of the designer (cf. fig. 9 ), a consumer, or an engineer. thus, the students have been engaged by the task of designing a spatial relationship in their learning setting. (p. 7) in other words, the design worked in the background of the students’ mind. 7)

in this sense, the design of the cube model is a consequence of two processes: the first one, the decisive process, refers to the students’ classification of the forms and objects and the second one, the concurrent process, refers to the way in which the forms and objects serve to build the solution. (p. 7)

the interactive design process, which is the basis for the development of the virtual 3d model, is closely linked to the process of discourse. (p. 7) while the students make their decisions about size, shape, and structural integrity, they write their observations (in the form of answers to the task of designing) and create the model. interaction with others enables students to hear and see how others respond to the model and the options provided. 7) the process of solving a task is an interplay of text and visual means, as evidenced by the design of the final 3d model (cf. fig. 5 ).

additionally, the teaching and learning setting is shown. in our project, the students’ level of knowledge was first assessed by using the swedish version of the casus (version 1.1.2) for mathematics. casus is a computer-aided assessment developed in sweden to support teacher and school development. it is a standardized computer-based assessment of student knowledge in various subjects (lundqvist, 2010 ; alvarsson, 2010 ). according to lundqvist (2010), casus can be used for the following six purposes: (1) to examine the progress in learning, (2) to monitor learning progress on a regular basis, (3) to assess the learning effect of activities, (4) to compare the students with one another, (5) to analyze learning content, and (6) to document the students’ learning process. for this study, casus was used to assess the students’ knowledge levels of mathematics. according to alvarsson (2010), casus is designed to measure the students’ knowledge at different levels in a given subject. casus was translated into german, and the translation was back-translated into english. the casus data from the students in this study were collected as a secure data file and were viewed using a casus software program (v2.0.2-b20). our data were collected from 35 students in grades four to six, as they were expected to have the same knowledge level. three sections of casus were designed for this study. in the first section, the students had to solve problems and asked to make propositions in the form of arguments (data), hypothesis, formulation, and discussion of the information. in the second section, the students were asked to either write equations or equations with units, solve problems, or identify a function and convert it into an equation, to evaluate the form. the third section asks the students to compare two different formulas and write their own. the three sections are in accordance with the current standard in germany. according to the german national strategy for education and research 2016–2020 (sachsen- und sachsen-anhalt departement for education and research (2017)), the students should be taught to solve problems and, in particular, should learn to make propositions, formulate hypotheses, and find arguments (data). the students were asked to fill out casus along with a questionnaire they had been given, which consisted of five questions about the 3d-printing software and the tinkercad. the questionnaire also asked them questions about the task and the students’ knowledge. the students were requested to write the names of the schools at which they were enrolled. a demonstration of the program in order to familiarize the students with it was conducted. this also provided them with an opportunity to become familiar with the software. students were also requested to answer the following five questions concerning their prior knowledge of geometry: (1) which figures are illustrated in the textbook? (e.g., triangle, rectangle, cube, pyramid, sphere, etc.); (2) describe the properties of the figures (e., area, volume, perimeter, etc.); (3) describe the functions of the figures (e., volume of a cube, perimeter of a triangle, etc.); (4) can you connect the functions of figures to the properties? (e., volume of a cube = 1, volume of a pyramid = 0.


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