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we can use true random number generation systems. rngs do not need to be quantum to be useful, they just need to be truly random. i think that a clever block cipher can be used as an rng, however instead of picking the key entirely at random, we can also use a random seed which is a truly random number stream. the best rngs use stateless block cipher, because the size of the state is fixed and relatively small relative to the block size of the cipher and deterministic encryption requires storage.

random numbers can be generated for instance using cryptographic hash functions, block cipher, chaotic iterations or with quantum random number generators, or a combination of techniques. salt and pepper noise also has the advantage of being very simple to generate.

how can true random number generators be used to crack aes-ctr or any other similar algorithms in use? we can leverage our knowledge of aes to provide a random seed for the rng that we use to generate the stream of random numbers to try and guess the key of the other system, when we use that key the message can be decrypted and when they decrypt it they will obtain randomness and based on that randomness can break the keys of the other system. the real keys are not necessarily all the same length, but if they are, we can use the same result of the rng to try each key in a brute force or binary search type solution.

for instance a common attack is an offline brute force attack. imagine a system that is only useful for logging activities, because the sensitive data is stored in another system. the attacker steals the keys for the logging system and because it is the same data type as used in the logging system (ie a aes-ctr), we can try those key against the logging system. if we obtain a correct result we can determine the key of the the logging system, which allows us to access that system, we do not necessarily need to access the logging system, it is enough to obtain key information about it.

if ssl works fine with aes in cbc and sha-256 for md5 and sha-1 and sha-2 hashes, why is it so insecure? the problem with sha-1 and sha-2 is that both require a large hash size (in bits) such as 512, and both are patented with patents expiring in the next few years.
cryptography requires that a crypting algorithm is public so that it can be understood and inspected by the intended user. this is a much different process from a secret or a key. with a secret or key there is no need for a public algorithm but with a public algorithm what a person is supposed to do is create a message that is to be secret, such as, sensitive or private information. the person encrypts the message with a secret/key and decrypts it with the secret/key to extract the message.
if an algorithm is public and the message is to be secret (ie: not publicly available) then only one secret and one public algorithm is possible. this is why we have the following public algorithms. they are not secret and their secret application can be uncovered, such as sha-1. they are also patented and expire soon, such as sha-1.
1. md4: this algorithm is a hash algorithm which is very similar to sha-1. the length of the hash is 128 bit with a 64 bit result. the algorithm is patented and expires in 2009. md4 has been cracked within one hour (refer ) of its inception.
md5: this algorithm is a sha-1 replacement. it is a hash algorithm which has been cracked and altered to extend a secret key to 128 bits by using a combination of shamir’s secret sharing and mceliece’s public key cryptosystem. it has been cracked and altered to extend a secret key to 128 bits by using a combination of shamir’s secret sharing and mceliece’s public key cryptosystem. this algorithm will expire in 2009.

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