Batman Dark Knight OST 2008 320Kbps

by berkcha
Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Batman Dark Knight OST 2008 320Kbps

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Batman Dark Knight OST 2008 320Kbps

The final section of the score, A Dark Knight, opens with a frantic trumpet figure and pounding drums, before the crescendo of the Superman and Dark Knight themes forms. Some might see this as Batman and Superman appearing together at the end, but in reality it is Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in their most heroic capacities, battling the evil that threatens Gotham. As the cues climax, the pair become one and, in a beautiful piece of scoring, the Superman and Dark Knight themes swivel, giving the impression that they are one being, and the track ends with an open F major flourish. A stirring end to a stirring score.

This score and the score for The Dark Knight both received similarly favourable reactions at the time of release, and I believe that its fair to say that they both held their own for better or worse, and are worthy of their place in the canon. I would also say that its fair to say that Mr Elfman only improved as a composer with time, and that Elfmans score for Justice League proves he is a fully fledged musical genius. This may even be Elfman at his most post modern and deconstructive, as with the score he gave for Man of Steel. Its in the same vein as John Williams Twilight Zone score, except that, with Elfmans treatment of the Superman theme, it is a grandiose, epic, action film-based one. Even a soundtrack fan can find something different and distinctive in Batman Dark Knight and Batman Begins. Its not exactly music to play at work, but for the truly incorrigible, it can be used to soundtrack a five course meal at a restaurant.

The last two tracks, Gotham City Breakdown and A Fortress Full of Cobras, are much better. Gotham City Breakdown is pretty much exactly what youd expect from a Batman movie. It begins with a statement of the villains top secret plan, a bomb going off, the Wayne family preparing for their lives to change for the worse, Alfred thinking about Bruce in his new roles as Batman and Commissioner Gordon, Batman and Talia looking out over the city, Joker witnessing the ruckus, and then the introduction of Mob Boss Sal Maroni and his goons. The bomb goes off, the dark and shadowy Batman theme appears, and everything stops. The joker emerges, and is given his own theme, which would later be used in The Dark Knight Rises. A few measures of this and Arkham Breakdown follows, which I believe was a track from the early Batman Returns soundtrack, but I couldnt find it online. Then Batman and Alfred take action against the mob bosses thugs, and Gotham City Breakdown builds to a climax, which comes in the form of a memorable monologue from the joker. It finds the theme again in Over the Edge of the World, and becomes a much more harried and distressed tune, giving a perfect way to end this track.

And when the villains are finally defeated, A Fortress Full of Cobras begins. Its a very emotional episode from the Batman story, as the city transforms from a prison where the citizens were oppressed into a safe home. The Gotham City theme is used in a very similar way to the Gotham City Breakdown theme, but the former is set to a softer orchestration and lacks the strings. It doesnt feel like a Batman theme, and is probably only included here in a semi-official sense, because its not the same as the theme from the Batman Returns soundtrack. The same can be said of the theme for the Joker, which is used a couple of times and set to a rather shrieking scale. Then came the big moment, the Joker begins his therapy with Dr. Meridian, and hes heard as the Gotham City Breakdown theme is played very slowly and very softly in the background. He even finds the hero theme in the middle of a speech to Wayne, but its played by the violin. Even the theme for Alfred is used briefly at the beginning of the track, which has a more somber quality than any of the other themes. Theres no theme for Batman, however, as he doesnt appear until the very end. It is all basically a very passionate and very sad scene, and it made me feel very emotional, hearing the music I had grown to love represented so memorably in a track from the Dark Knight. It is a wonderful piece of music, and it really reminded me why I love musicals so much.
Overall, I think this is a great score from Zimmer. Theres a lot of great material here, such as the Joker theme, the Joker and Batman theme, the second Batman theme (which at first seems like a D.C. theme, and then turns out to be the canon theme), the Thor theme (which I was wondering about for a while because I didnt know what the Greek God Thor had a theme), the Wonder Woman theme and the Aquaman theme.

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