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Some CAD software applications include the ability to plan in 2D and 3D, i.e. build detailed architectural designs (for example, floor plans and sections) and bridges and other large scale designs (such as buildings) in three dimensions. Some CAD software is also capable of creating 3D models of mechanical parts, such as turbines and engines.

Modern CAD software is capable of accepting and processing data from multiple sources and combining it to make it useful for a user. Data can be derived from text (such as building descriptions), tables, or images and can include specifications (such as dimensions), pricing, and a range of other information.

Key features

The features listed below are shared by almost all CAD applications, unless otherwise noted.

Boundary, mass, and surface

These are three fundamental concepts in CAD. The boundaries or limits of objects are considered as an “outside” and “inside”. The geometry that lies within these boundaries is called the interior. The region between the interior and outside is the mass, or body. Objects and their surfaces are considered as separate entities.

All parts of a 3D model are mass, i.e. they have a volume, so a 3D model can be drawn by taking the outside geometry (limit surface) and rendering it. By rendering, one simply means to “show the surface” of a model.

A 3D object is a 3D region. A 3D object can have multiple components. A component is the smallest geometrical entity that can be separately edited.

Some applications use mass as a term for area, including region, volume, and surface.

A 2D drawing has a 2D boundary and 2D interior. There are no mass or volume considerations. The boundary and interior are regarded as simply a “paper” surface.


Sketching is the use of pen, pencil, or in the case of image-based software, a graphics tablet, to make marks on a graphics plane. The act of making marks on the plane is called drawing or editing. CAD software differs from drawing software in that in CAD software marks are not made directly on the model. Instead, the marks are used to edit the model.

In image-based software, sketching may be performed as a preprocessing step to creating an editable model. Many 3D editors use sketching, which enables rapid creation of a complex model

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A direct API is available, available in both VBA and.NET programming environments, for programmers to access AutoCAD Crack Free Download’s functionality. The API allows programmers to access all of AutoCAD’s drawing functionality and has many functions that are similar to the user interface (GUI).

A web API allows AutoCAD’s functionality to be accessed via the web browser or other web-enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, allowing in-browser customization.


AutoCAD is a CAD system. AutoCAD is not just a drawing application. It has numerous features which are not restricted to the drawing view.
To use AutoCAD in a productive way, the following must be available:

CAD application
Batch-processing and/or scripting language
AutoCAD’s command-line interface (or command-line processor)
AutoCAD’s function and/or command reference

In essence, the feature set of AutoCAD is infinite. AutoCAD is a CAD system which is organized in order to allow the development of certain types of tools.
Every new application is written from scratch (extension, add-on, software-based etc.). The cost of that development, and the maintenance and availability of such an application, is very high. Even new commands are written from scratch.
Each extension (add-on) can be developed using either a script language or code. Script languages are not only the scripting languages of AutoCAD, but are also general purpose scripting languages (LISP and VBScript are examples). Scripting languages can also be used to create extension toolbars (for example, VBScript or AutoLISP), but that’s not the focus of this discussion.
Code can be written to provide custom functionality. However, if that functionality is required by many users, it needs to be written in a way that is easy to maintain and does not require extensive support.
The best way to access AutoCAD from code is to use the API. This API can be accessed using any scripting language or C++ (ObjectARX).
There are several more entry points to AutoCAD.

AutoCAD’s command-line processor.
AutoCAD’s Web browser plug-in
AutoCAD’s command line interface (CLI).
AutoCAD’s drawing view.


All AutoCAD features can be accessed from the command line using the command line tools.

AutoCAD Crack+ Download PC/Windows

Open the shortcut file and replace ‘123123123123123123’ with your License Key

Drag and drop the shortcut file to the Start Up folder.

Then press ‘Alt+S’ to start the autocad program

While the program is loading press ‘Alt+Enter’ to start the activation process.

The program should say ‘Activation was successful’.

Close autocad.

Make a shortcut to the program and drag and drop it to the ‘Start Up folder’.

Press ‘Alt+S’ to start the program.

The program will start and show the Activation Details window.

Your Activation Number is shown in the middle of the window.

Click on ‘Activate’ button.

Your license will be activated.

Close the Activation window.

Now you can use the following commands in Autocad

New Project:


New Page:


New Shape:


Save Drawing As:




Close Drawing:


Close All Documents:




It took me over 6 hours to figure this out and I will appreciate your help. Thank you for your time.


This is not the place to advertise for other links and services, so I will try to keep this one as simple as possible. The purpose is to help you activate your license, as I know it is quite time consuming if you don’t know the exact steps. It’s been a while since I’ve last used Autocad but it’s all easy to remember from memory.
If you need a license key to activate, you need to download the license file from Autodesk.
You must have Autodesk installed on your computer, and you also need to have a working internet connection. Once you have done that, you can go to Autodesk website and click on the “Activate Now” button. The link will be sent to your email.
You will receive a license file in a.pdf format. After that, you need to download and install a third party app, which will extract the license file and make the activation process automated. I have used LicenseAgent Lite.
Hope this helps you out.


This is not the

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Automatic documentation of your drawings. AutoCAD Layers provide a dynamic layer to specify any drawing property in the drawing (e.g. border, linetype, color, shape, text, pattern, raster image, line width, and dash style). New in AutoCAD 2023, automatically document and import any of these properties. (video: 1:34 min.)

Editable Dimension Styles. Use new styles to store and edit dimensional preferences, and turn dimensions into markers to create editable dimension styles. (video: 2:54 min.)

Shape Filters. Filters can be used to find and interact with specific shapes. New in AutoCAD 2023, any filter can be used to interact with any shape. (video: 1:22 min.)

New command line tools for shapes, texts, and linetypes. You can now work with text, linetypes, and shapes by using command line tools. This provides a convenient way to access command line tools in a more robust, consistent manner. (video: 2:18 min.)

Themes. Enjoy access to more than 300 high-quality preset themes with AutoCAD 2023, each providing a distinctive, consistent look and feel.

Designed for Autodesk Productivity

When you’re designing, it’s important to be productive and efficient. You want to finish the job with fewer mistakes and faster, because time is money. AutoCAD 2023 helps you to accomplish this.

New Command Line Tools:

In AutoCAD 2023, command line tools make it easier than ever to work with text, linetypes, and shapes. And, now, you can use the same tools to work with dimensions.

More efficient dimensioning. The new Dimensioning command provides the flexibility you need to accurately measure and dimension any drawing.

More precise selection. You can use the new Select command to precisely select, edit, and select from multiple objects in a drawing with no additional clicks.

Edit non-movable objects with ease. You can use the new Transform Object command to edit objects in the current drawing without having to export the drawing to a new drawing.

Get a better perspective. The new View command makes it easier than ever to access and interact with information in the model, regardless of how it’s viewed.

Dynamic Viewer

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 10 (v. 1607)
Processor: 2.6 GHz or faster
Graphics: Graphics card with at least 4 GB of VRAM
Storage: 50 GB available space
OS: Windows 10 (v. 1703)
Processor: 3.0 GHz or faster
Graphics: Graphics card with at least 8 GB of VRAM
Please note:
HD Graphics might

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