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Get the name of class in class

So i have got class “Main” and inside this class i have got 2 other classes “CoinA” and “CoinB”. I want to get the name of the class it’s located on. I don’t want to get the specific name of the class, I only want the name of the class it’s located on.
class Main{
CoinA coinA;
CoinB coinB;

CoinA is on a different class from Main.
How do I get the name of the class?


Use this:
public String getClassName(Class c) {
String className = c.getName();
if (className.indexOf(“$$$”) >= 0) {
return className;
return “class ” + className;

It will return the class name with the $ at the start – but you may not be able to store that in a variable.
If you are sure you want a blank class name it’s much easier:
public String getClassName(Class c) {
return c.getName();


How to handle data validation in a react component

I want to create a custom component that is written in react. This component is supposed to be a row in a grid. In the component, I want to verify that the data values coming from the redux store is valid. I also want to be able to pass it down to the component as props.
However, I want the component to be able to handle if the data is invalid, and it should not be able to proceed if it is valid. I do not want it to be possible to insert the data that is coming from the redux store into the DOM.
I’m not sure what the best solution is.
Note: This is just a row in a grid, so all fields are optional. The data validation should only happen in the row, and the full data value should be used only when it is needed.


I ended up using a Form component.
It uses a Form component from CRA, and it was the easiest way to do it.
I also needed to make sure the user has the right permissions, so I have it check that in the child component before sending it down.

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