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Published: July 1, 2022 (3 months ago)


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Discovering the new features

Many of Photoshop’s older features have been revamped to enable more controlled approaches to working with images. Photoshop CS5, for example, has a feature called Content-Aware Move, which enables objects in one image to be moved to a second image, and then the pieces of the image are reconnected, as though they belong together.

A similar idea is available in the Faces tool that you can use to move, resize, and alter facial characteristics of an image. You can see an example of this feature in Figure 5-1.

**Figure 5-1:** Use the Faces tool to move, resize, and modify facial features.

The Content-Aware Move tool enables you to control how pieces of one image are related to and moved to other images. This tool gives you a variety of color-matching options, including those used to tweak the color for the object of interest.

You can also use the Content-Aware Replace tool to copy objects from one image to another, and then automatically place the objects using a model that you lay out.

Newer Photoshop versions include a feature called Content-Aware Fill. This tool fills missing areas of an image with the content of another image with similar content. You can use the Content-Aware Fill tool to replace color in an image with the color of another image.

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In this article we show you how to use Photoshop to create an expression of the heart emoji.

Quick Access

STEP 1 Open Photoshop and type heart in the search bar. Photoshop Elements 12 opens heart.jpg open in the Layers panel.

STEP 2 Select heart.jpg and press the Layer > New > Layer Via Copy. A copy of the heart.jpg file is now added to the Layers panel. Press Ctrl + T (⌘ + T) to toggle back to the original image.

STEP 3 Double-click the newly added layer (e.g. heart_layer) to activate the Layer Style dialog box. There is a small triangle next to a checkmark icon at the bottom of the left column of the dialog box that you can click to change the Style.

In the example image above, we see a heart Style called None selected for the heart.jpg layer.

STEP 4 Change the Style of the heart.jpg layer from None to Borders in the Layer Style dialog box. This takes some time to apply, and then you’ll see a new heart.jpg shape layer.

STEP 5 Press Ctrl + J (⌘ + J) to bring in the selection of the new shape layer. Press Ctrl + U (⌘ + U) to create a new layer. Press Ctrl + Backspace (⌘ + Backspace) to deselect the shape layer.

STEP 6 Select the new, empty layer and click the 100% Spacing icon (see the next step).

STEP 7 Press Ctrl + L (⌘ + L) to open the Reflection Channels dialog box. There are five reflection options in the reflection drop-down menu. A solid yellow reflection will look like this:

There are also two refection channels in the Reflection Channels dialog box, as shown below:

If you click on the Reflection Channels icon, click on the left side of the arrows for refection 1 and refection 2 and then click the red arrow next to the word Reflect in the top-right corner of the dialog box, you will see this view:

Click on the left side of the arrows for refection 1 and refection 2 to toggle between the two channels.

STEP 8 Click on the arrow next to the red word Reflect and select the drop-down menu at the bottom of the dialog box, as shown below. There are two choices in

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Templates for embedded OSs (microcontrollers)

I recently got interested in embedded development. I’d like to create a system for controlling an LED-array with a microcontroller, and I wanted to know about the best way to go about it.
First up, is this too broad? If so, let me know and I’ll rethink my options a bit. But in any case, I’m looking for a good source of a bit of template code for interacting with microcontrollers.
Basically, I want something for coding up a single button on an 8-pin PIC-16F808. But I also want to be able to toggle the entire LED-array as a whole. I’d also like to do a bit of math (simple addition and subtraction). And most of all, I’d like this software to be very platform independent – ie, it can run on a Windows PC.
What’s the best approach to doing this?


To make sure you get the right answer, you should ask these two questions:

What is the amount of money you’re willing to pay per copy of the software?
What kind of control scheme do you want to implement?

If you’re willing to pay over $100/copy of the software, I’d recommend the following:
Use an open-source C compiler (I personally use gcc and the OS X LLVM compiler) to write your C. And then you can port the software to a PIC16F8XX or other 8051 family microcontroller. You can get the compiler and operating system for free.
For good POSIX C APIs, use a “permission” based OS. Install a “permission” based OS on a microcontroller. I think you can use either the BSD (“FreeBSD”) or OpenBSD OS.
Alternately, you might be willing to wait a month or so, until the application is released for the ARM Cortex family of CPUs. The list of microcontroller is so great that you’ll find a 16F877 (or at least 15xx/84xx) in most development boards.
There are also a bunch of low-power microcontrollers, such as the micoChip M30F040. Just make sure to pass your application through the following filters:

OS: Check the following low power OS — OpenMoko
C compiler: Check the following low-power compiler — Gcc

What’s New In?

Big Brother: UK reveals anti-domestic violence message amid political row Published duration 22 July 2015

image copyright PA image caption Do Not Resist (DNAR) was officially launched by Big Brother winner Louise Redknapp

Big Brother has used its latest series to raise awareness of domestic violence.

The theme of the 2015 series – launched on Wednesday – is “no one should have to live like that”.

It comes amid a political row over plans to make domestic violence a statutory offence in England and Wales.

Home Secretary Theresa May and Nick Clegg disagree over whether to make new laws on domestic violence.

She wants to set a maximum penalty of five years for a first offence and 10 years for a second or subsequent offence.

In 2011, following a lengthy consultation, the government decided not to introduce criminal sanctions for domestic violence.

After Wednesday’s launch, it was announced that Big Brother will be going to war against domestic violence – but not in the form of a game show with a studio audience.

image copyright Getty Images image caption Big Brother host Emma Willis received support from actor and former domestic violence victim Emma Thompson

Instead the campaign called Do Not Resist (DNAR) centres on the programme’s anti-domestic violence message.

Ahead of the launch, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, called on the UK government to bring forward plans to make it an offence to batter a current or former partner or dependent.

A review of the issue is under way.

The BBC understands no date has been set for a date for the government to publish the outcome of that review.

‘Futile’ laws

The programme, which began on Wednesday evening, has been narrated by the programme’s regular host Emma Willis.

She told the audience: “There is a very disturbing new trend. We have spoken to people and in various parts of the UK it appears that many men are battering their partners or even their children.

“This is a story that needs to be heard and is one that Big Brother wants to support in any way we can.

“So, we’re not just going to give this a catchy title to win support from the public – although we will keep our finger firmly on the pulse to make sure the message is heard.”

She said Do Not Resist will set out practical ways for people to protect themselves and their families.

“This is about an issue that most people know all

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